Monday, February 22, 2010


So I've been reading Mere Christianity again followed by the screwtape letters... Both amazing books. C.S. Lewis is able to articulate so much that I feel... and even a lot of things I didn't know I felt! It's unsettling how accurate a lot of screwtape's arguments are... I've heard plenty of the whispers myself, and I'm sure anyone who reads the book would find the same thing. Whether they feel it is the same thing whispering to them as I do is another story I suppose. C.S. also talks a lot about the things Christians (or those interested in Christianity) prefer not to think about. It's infuriating how easy and how extremely difficult Christianity is. Either one is "fine" by itself but the combination of the two is jawdropping. But when I think about it - how could He have made it any different? The problem we face is not simple - so why should the answer be simple? I find I get a great deal of help from these books. Maybe from Christian Literature all together in fact. My mind tends to wander around "real" life and I get sucked into the void wondering the whole time: "I know where I am supposed to be - why can't I get there?" I think books and "spirited conversation" (pun intended) have been critical in reminding me of what is really important.
Something I've been trying in earnest to keep on top of is my logic. C.S. reminded me of the importance of that. "Think! As though your soul depended on it!" probably sums up that memory. Although the sense of urgency is more of a subtle invitation as opposed to a command. I've been trying not to use any other form of making decisions. It doesn't always work - I'm a Mohoroski - but I am trying. I feel closer to God in my thinking when I am using logic. More "clean" if you take my meaning. Like washing the dirt from the roots of a plant. I know the bleeding hearts will say "NO! You cannot only rely on logic! You have to follow your dreams and sometimes risk it all if thats what it takes!" And they are quite right. Logic itself would agree with this. Why would I only rely on one single facet when one just as GOOD and just as God given as logic? An Important thing I have learned though is this: When one is in harmony with the spirit, logic and heart are the same color. Indistinguishable. That is what I am trying to be. Like I said: easy AND difficult.